cor Sarasota cares about the safety of it’s clients, trades and employees and maintains a Certificate Of Recognition (COR) through Alberta Human Services and the Alberta Construction Safety Association.  We are committed to preventing and reducing accidents in the work place and continually train our people and evaluate our safety program.

Safety Policy

01bulletSarasota is committed to a strong safety program that protects its staff, its Trades, its property and the public from accidents. We take pride in the workmanship of our trades and employees and we want to be just as proud of their safety record.safetyicon

01bulletAll employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents in our company and are responsible and accountable for Sarasota’s overall safety initiatives. Complete and active participation by every one, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence we expect to achieve.

01bulletWe encourage all employees to participate in the program and bring to our attention any procedure or process that would improve our safety standards. A comprehensive system will accomplish little, if anything in reducing accidents and occupational hazards if it is not properly implemented. The system must reside in the minds and actions of all our employees, not just on the pages of this manual.wsa

01bulletOur goal is to have clean, incident free worksites that at minimum, meet the requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety regulation and codes and provide a safe environment not only for our employees, but for our trades and visitors as well.